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The mission statement of the long-lived "Pursuit of Perfection" campaign was simple: Demonstrate the technology in an interesting way. Here are more examples of that.

The Big Back-Up. A Lexus spot sponsoring The US Open Tennis Championships that stars tennis superstar Andy Roddick and a restless tennis ball. Andy was much more pleasant to work with than the ball.



Obliterated. The global launch spot for the Lexus GSh Hybrid. It was introduced as the the world’s first high-performance luxury sedan. Being clean no longer meant being slow. When we shot this I was looking at a real-time video feed in the back of a high-speed camera car equipped with a 360 Gemini Crane and going over 100 mph. We were doing all sorts of moves and there were several instances where the camera car and the GSh came a little too close to each other for comfort. It was a lot of scary fun to shoot this.



Working on Lexus Sales Events meant making campaigns that did a lot of heavy lifting while maintaining the brand's impeccable standards. It was an opportunity to think a little differently and they were always fun to do.

Test Drive





Ice Cream Truck