Cause Marketing––Bad Gifts For Good / Website, Mobile, Content, Social, CRM


Ever received a cringe-worthy holiday gift* and passed it around the room hoping it wouldn't make its way back? That’s why Bad Gifts For Good (otherwise known as The 2016 R&R Partners Holiday Card) was created. Not only was this a chance to do away with horrible gifts, it was a chance to do good for the community.

Using in-house resources and a budget of less than $8,000, we came up with the idea of giving bad gifts more fitting fates. The website gave people the opportunity to do away with them in a variety of ways. A $5 donation to charity was made by the R&R Foundation for each gift put out of its misery. The agency goal for donations was reached in just a few days.

This campaign was a co-winner of R&R Partners Big Fat Prize, which is awarded annually to the campaign judged to be best of the year.

*Criteria for judging any well-intentioned gift as "bad" is purely subjective and the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Selfie Stick: Stick-Napped


Ugly Tie: Jason


Fruitcake: Nice Shot





A match and striking strip were put in the generic holiday card so it could be destroyed too. Believe it or not, the post office was OK with this.