Ski-Doo: 2016 FOMO Campaign   /  Mobile, Content, Print


According to research, the #1 fear in the snowmobiling community isn’t hypothermia, injury, or even an avalanche. It’s FOMO––the Fear Of Missing Out. Since snowmobiling opportunities are limited due to weather conditions and real-life obligations, riders often settle for watching snowmobiling videos on their devices and reading about it in enthusiast magazines. This passionate, tightly-knit, brand-loyal group finds these experiences only partially satisfying. Nothing beats riding, after all.

This mobile campaign teased the 2016 riding season's overall brand campaign. It was sent directly to Ski-Doo owner's cell phones on days that looked good for riding in their area. It challenged them to get out there and ride instead of watching someone else's ride on their phone.

Sled Porn.


Huge Air.


Sidehill. (A Sidehill is an advanced maneuver where you maintain or increase your elevation when riding across a steep grade.)