Texas Dairy Queen: Rebranding Campaign  /  Broadcast, Content, Social

Texas Dairy Queen had been running spots that showcased items from their iconic menu for quite some time. With so many well-known and beloved offerings, it made sense that continued endearment of the brand to the good people of Texas meant showing them the products and value that made TDQ famous––until it didn’t. What was once iconic and craved had become familiar and taken for granted. They needed a new approach. One that came at the menu in an entirely new way but retained their unique Texan point-of-view.





Duck Call


Boat Launch


Below is an interesting outtake from a spot in this campaign for the Latin market. Apparently the horse on the right had fallen asleep when it was startled by an owl inside the barn. In the end, the horse was OK, but only after providing us with a scary, WTF moment.